6 thoughts on “What I am Working On : Ink & Stitches Logo”

  1. You are a busy lady! This is all so creative and lovely. I don’t know how you find the hours in a day. We’re starting up a You Tube Channel as well, so I look forward to checking out your videos. The You Tube world is all new to me!

    1. I listened to the video you were in: “Writers Off Task with Friends” and really enjoyed it. Setting that kind of thing up seems a bit mind-boggling to me, at this point. One of these days, I would love to join you for one though! It seemed like you all were having a lot of fun with it!

  2. Wow, that’s great! And what a wonderful idea, to design your own logo. I like how you showed us the intervening stages too, very interesting.

    My only point of confusion was that I didn’t understand what the hook was in the middle until I went back and read the notes that it’s for crochet. I thought maybe it was a fish hook, because I didn’t see that it was associated with the yarn.

    1. Crochet hooks do kind of look like fish hooks. Fisherman even used to use crochet hooks to make nets, so you’re not that far off! I was hoping with the crochet hook being right next to the yarn ball, it would make sense. I just ordered a stamp of the finished logo, so we’ll see how it comes out there. I can always revise and order another :) Thank you for the feedback!

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