Photo Credit: J.H. Winter

What I am Working On: More YouTube Videos!

"Aspen" Photo and Art Credit : J.H. Winter
“Aspen” Photo and Art Credit : J.H. Winter

This week I continued working on editing my book, Adeline and the Mystic Berries (see last week’s What I am Working On post for more on editing this story). I finished the in-line edits and have moved onto reorganizing and deleting chapters, and also writing new scenes as well. This part of the process will definitely be the most time consuming. It is also a lot of fun, to add more scenes in with my favorite characters (like, Aspen, seen above).

Ink & Stitches Logo - Photo Credit: J.H. Winter
Ink & Stitches Logo – Photo Credit: J.H. Winter

Aside from Adeline, I wanted to get a couple new YouTube videos up and posted to my Ink & Stitches Channel. For this week, I filmed three new videos, and have posted two so far.

The first and second videos talk about basic embroidery stitches used most commonly when making some of the details in amigurumi patterns. I used my Happy Sunflower pattern’s face to illustrate the stitches (see link above for free pattern).

Video #1: Sewing on amigurumi eyes using a whipstitch.

Video #2: Sewing on an amigurumi mouth.

Video #3: Stay tuned for next week’s post where I will be unveiling my completed Adeline doll, which I created based on the main protagonist from my Middle Grade Fantasy book, Adeline and the Mystic Berries.

What did you work on this week?

I am creeping up toward having 1,000 followers on Twitter, and to celebrate, I will be announcing a giveaway very soon. I have already begun crocheting the prize! If you haven’t already followed my Twitter feed, you can do so by clicking the link above.

Photo Credit: J.H. Winter
Photo Credit: J.H. Winter

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  1. I love embroidery – such a lost art! Recently I began tablecloths for my girls and am embroidering family signatures. That’s been fun. I traced the little ones names who couldn’t sign yet!

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