Photo Credit: J.H. Winter

New Video: Adeline Doll Reveal!

Photo Credit: J.H. Winter
Photo Credit: J.H. Winter

In order to change her destiny and the barren, colorless world, ten-year-old Adeline will have to unleash the last bit of magic.

Adeline Cover
Photo and Art Credit: J.H. Winter

Adeline Picot, is the main protagonist from my Middle Grade Fantasy story, Adeline and the Mystic Berries.

I have talked about the book on and off, and, as you know, I am now working on re-editing the story before I continue querying to find a literary agent.

In the meantime, I couldn’t wait to begin crocheting up some of the characters from this story that is very near and dear to me. It was the first book I ever wrote, and the first time an idea struck in my head that stayed.

Photo and Art Credit: J.H. Winter
Photo and Art Credit: J.H. Winter

I had always thought being a writer would be a wonderful job to have, but prior to coming up with the idea for Adeline and the Mystic Berries, never thought I would ever have good enough ideas myself. She proved me wrong, and here we are.

My vision is to have a line of dolls from the book that other crocheters can make. I want readers who love the story, to be able to have their very own dolls from the book!

So, without further ado, here is a video I made for my Ink & Stitches YouTube Channel, introducing Adeline Picot to the world.

7 thoughts on “New Video: Adeline Doll Reveal!”

  1. Excellent video! Adeline came out beautifully! I too enjoyed the background music. Looking forward to seeing future dolls from characters in the story! I can’t wait to buy the book when it gets published!

  2. Wow! First, loved the way you introduced /revealed her showing her back first, then turning to the front. Background music was a great match. She’s precious and I can’t wait to see the future clothing pieces you make for her along with introducing other characters from your book! And Aspen couldn’t be cuter.

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! You have to love Celtic music! I should have said he was sewn with felt. Aspen isn’t actually needle-felted. That is a craft I sadly don’t know how to do. Maybe someday :)

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