A Better Size for Adeline's Dress - Photo Credit: J.H. Winter

Even More Videos on Ink & Stitches YouTube!

NEW VIDEOS! - Photo Credit: J.H. Winter
NEW VIDEOS! – Photo Credit: J.H. Winter

Four New Videos Now Live on my Ink & Stitches YouTube Channel!

I finished up editing and posting the last four videos I had filmed to my YouTube Channel. They are ready to help you learn new techniques and stitches that can be used when making your own amigurumi patterns, or if you are working through ones you found online that include these techniques: picot stitch, changing colors in the round (with jogging vs. jogless), crocheting in front loops only (FLO), and crocheting in back loops only (BLO).

Picot Stitch:

Changing Colors in the Round (with Jogging vs. Jogless):

Crocheting in Front Loops Only (FLO):

Crocheting in Back Loops Only (BLO):


I hope you find these videos helpful as you learn how to crochet and make your own amigurumi patterns!

I look forward to sharing more videos in the future. A few I plan to create include: the bobble stitch, triple/treble crochet stitch, fastening off and tying up loose ends, various options for creating amigurumi hair, and different types of eyes that can be used for dolls and creatures alike!

If you have any other stitches or techniques you aren’t sure how to do when following amigurumi patterns, please let me know in the comments and I will add them to the list of videos to come out in the future.

Have these videos been helping you learn how to crochet? How are your projects coming out? I have several free patterns available through this blog. If you are new to crochet or want to learn to make amigurumi, these videos along with my free patterns should help you get there!

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