Photo Credit: J.H. Winter Designs

A to Z Challenge: F is for FREE PATTERN! Amigurumi Snake

Photo Credit: J.H. Winter Designs
Photo Credit: J.H. Winter Designs

FREE PATTERN: Sleeping Snake

FThis amigurumi pattern is for my Sleeping Snake. He loves to curl up on a rock in the sun and can be made in a variety of colors. Though the pattern itself calls for a solid white snake, I have made this pattern before to resemble a King Snake (see picture below and color change pattern at the end of this post, to make this version of the sleeping snake). It could easily be made in solid green to look like a garden snake as well. The sky’s the limit!

Photo Credit: J.H. Winter

Another detail you can change is whether or not you want this snake to be sleeping or wide awake. On my King Snake above, you can see I used a pair of 6mm safety eyes to give him a wakeful appearance. These safety eyes can be found on Etsy (I purchase mine through 6060’s shop), or sometimes at your local craft store (though sizes available are usually limited in stores).

This pattern would be perfect for beginning crocheters, because there are no pieces to assemble. He is just one long piece from head to tail. You can also make him as long or as short as you’d like by adding or removing rows throughout R20-140.

Look back here for more free patterns soon!

Materials Needed:

  • Crochet Hook: F
  • White Yarn (Red Heart Super Saver); or whichever color you decide to make your snake (King Snake yarn colors listed at the end of pattern)
  • Black Embroidery Thread; or 6mm safety eyes if you make your snake’s eyes open
  • Polyester Fiberfill Stuffing
  • Yarn Needle/Embroidery Needle

Skills Needed / Terms Used:

  • Magic Ring Technique
  • Crocheting in the Round
  • Sc – Single Crochet
  • Inc – Increase
  • Invdec – Invisible Decrease
  • Sl st – Slip Stitch
  • FO – Finish Off, Bind Off

For Beginning Crocheters: see the PDF at the end of this pattern to learn how to read the instructions as well as to see pictures on how the snake’s facial details are added.

Make sure to pay careful attention to any instructions within this pattern that are separated by **(Instruction)**. These are crucial to the outcome of your amigurumi.

Head (with White):

  • R1:6sc in magic ring – 6
  • R2:inc around – 12
  • R3:sc around – 12
  • R4:(sc, inc) around – 18
  • R5:sc around – 18
  • R6:(2sc, inc) around – 24
  • R7:(3sc, inc) around – 30
  • R8-9:sc around – 30
  • R10:(4sc, inc) around – 36
  • R11-13:sc around – 36
  • R14:(4sc, invdec) around – 30
  • R15:sc around – 30

**Embroider eyes between R6-10. Make sure stitch marker is at the bottom of the head (See embroidery instructions in the PDF at the end of this pattern)**

  • R16:(3sc, invdec) around – 24
  • R17:(4sc, invdec) around – 20
  • R18:4sc, (invdec, sc) 4 times, 4sc – 16
  • R19:6sc, 2invdec, 6sc – 14

**Stuff Head**

Begin Body (with White):

**Make sure to stuff body as you go, every inch or two**

  • R20-140:sc around (until snake is approximately 2 feet long) – 14
  • R141:12sc, invdec – 13
  • R142-151:sc around (approx. 2 inches) – 13
  • R152:11sc, invdec – 12
  • R153-162:sc around (approx. 2 inches) – 12
  • R163:10sc, invdec – 11
  • R164-173:sc around (approx. 2 inches) – 11
  • R174:9sc, invdec – 10
  • R175-184:sc around (approx. 2 inches) – 10
  • R185:8sc, invdec – 9
  • R186-192:sc around – 9
  • R193:7sc, invdec – 8
  • R194-198:sc around – 8
  • R199:6sc, invdec – 7
  • R200-202:sc around – 7
  • R203:5sc, invdec – 6
  • R204:4sc, invdec – 5

Finish stuffing, sl st in next, FO, weave in end to close hole.

For King Snake, follow the color changes below as you work through the pattern:
Head: R1-12 with Brick (Vanna’s Choice yarn by Lion Brand)
Body: R 13-204 follow the pattern: (3 rows in Black, 3 White, 3 Black, 8 Brick) to end.

Embroidery Details

Open the PDF attachment for the full pattern, including detailed instructions and pictures showing how to embroider the facial details on your amigurumi snake!

Sleeping Snake

Ayame (8)
Photo Credit: J.H. Winter

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    1. You are very welcome! I wanted to give an easier pattern away for those who are new to crocheting amigurumi. I will also have some videos up on my YouTube Channel soon, that will begin to teach you how to create the stitches you’ll need to make these little creations.

    1. I will be teaching how to crochet on my YouTube Channel very soon. I hope you’ll take a look once the videos are up, and see if it might be something you could pick back up again in your free time (not that either of us have much of that).

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